A Tool for Supporting Analysis of Evidence and Synthesis of Primary and Secondary Studies.

About EvidenceSET

EvidenceSET is a tool to support SE students and researchers providing the creation of research themes from a set of primary or secondary studies. The tool implements the following steps:

  • Extract data from the primary studies, such as bibliographical data, aims, context, and results;
  • Code data by identifying and coding such as interesting concepts, categories, findings, and results;
  • Translate codes into themes, subĀ­themes, and higher order themes.

The EvidenceSET parser is a web-based tool coded in PHP as backend programming language, JavaScript as front-end programming language, and HTML as Hypertext Markup language. It runs as Linux PHP script in order to generate the data source and provide output to be observed in an internet browser.

Try EvidenceSET?

EvidenceSET is still not available to download. But you can try it!

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EvidenceSET Team

Davi Viana (researcher & analyst)
Olavo Alexandrino (researcher & Software Engineer)
Rodrigo Santos (researcher & analyst)

Contact us

Feel free to email me to provide some feedback on the tool, give me suggestions for new enhancements, or to just say hello!